Grubs are a dual threat to our lawns and landscape. Once the eggs hatch they develop into what many call a white grub. This grub is ravenous and in large numbers, can kill off large sections of lawn before they turn into their adult stage: the Japanese Beetle.

Grubs feed on the roots of tender grass plants that soon kills the plant. They are most destructive mid to late summer, but the damage they cause may not show up until early fall and by then, it's too late and the damage will already be done and will need to be repaired, but that's not all.

Japanese Beetles

After hibernating underground over-winter, those destructive grubs emerge as adult Japanese beetles.

Japanese beetles are responsible for an incredible amount of damage throughout the United States. They eat a variety of landscape plants from flowers to leaves of many plants.


Guaranteed Grub Protector

Grubs are one of the major damaging insects found in Northeast Ohio. Our cool climate, with normally adequate rainfall, provides an ideal environment for grubs to thrive. Even if you saw no major damage in your lawn last year, doesn't mean your lawn is protected.

Most lawn soils will have a few grubs growing and the damage they cause is usually minimal. However, as their population matures, their numbers increase until they suddenly reach a critical threshold and the damage caused by their feeding is very clear to see. However, once you notice the damage (usually in late summer or early fall) it is too late and the only option is to replace your damaged lawn!

We have an ultra low dose treatment that will prevent this damage. GUARANTEED!

Our Grub Control Treatment is less costly to prevent, than to make a rescue treatment!


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One of our trained techs can identify most lawn damaging insects with out too much problem. When treating for lawn insects its important to identify those turf-damaging insects and treat just for those instead of killing all the insects in your lawn.

Our lawns and soils are filled with millions of beneficial insects that contribute to the overall health and well-being of your lawn and landscape. Let us identify those few bad bugs and treat for them. Your lawn will love us for it.

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