Organic Lawn Aeration

Organic aeration is a liquid treatment that actually saturates 100% of your lawn. A machine only aerates 5% of the soil in your lawn. Organic aeration aerates 100% of your lawn, aerating every inch and giving benefits that a machine can't provide:

  • Organic and environmentally friendly

  • Eliminates the need for aerating with a machine & covers 100% of your lawn

  • Maximizes the benefits of rainfall or your watering, even during drought

  • Reduces soil compaction, improves drainage, stimulates root growth

  • Allows grass to absorb more nutrients, maximizing the benefits of fertilizer

  • No unsightly plugs! No mess! Works a long time! Helps your lawn stay greener!

  • No need to mark sprinkler heads or pet containment systems

You'll be thrilled with the results!