Premium Lawn Services

After learning your goals for your lawn, we’ll evaluate its current condition and determine steps to reach its potential.  Our goal is to give you the lawn you want at the lowest cost and with a minimum of chemical use.  A strong lawn is its own best defense against weeds, insects and disease.

Our old fashioned guarantee:

Follow our suggested program and you’ll be so happy with your lawn, you’ll brag about it to all your friends and neighbors. If not, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it so you do. I’ll re-apply your last visit and work with you to insure your satisfaction. Ecolawn is a small, locally owned company - not a franchise or part of a big corporation. With 32 years in the ‘green’ industry in Northeast Ohio, our reputation is rock-solid and you have my personal promise of complete satisfaction with any service you receive from us!

it's about professional service...

You can expect individual advice, help and suggestions on improving your property at no extra charge, with our service. Customers often report how our service is ‘above and beyond’ what they were expecting. Have a question? Your call will be returned promptly and you can expect an expert answer!



Early Spring

Stimulates green color with fertilizer, organic matter and crabgrass preventer. Broadleaf weed control is used selectively if needed.

Late Spring

Your lawn is fed to keep it lush without stimulating excess growth. A second crabgrass protector plus broadleaf weed and insect controls are applied.

Early Summer

Fertilizer and organic matter are applied to keep your lawn green in warmer weather. Weeds are controlled and your lawn is inspected for insect and disease activity.

Late Summer

Fertilizer with organic matter is applied to keep your grass healthy through late summer. Monitor and treat grassy and broadleaf weeds, inspect for insect and disease activity.  Report to you issues with mowing, watering.

Early Fall

Heavier feeding with organic matter to stimulate top growth and root growth in this important part of the season. Broadleaf and grassy weeds are treated as needed.

Late Fall

This is the heaviest feeding of the season to keep your lawn greener later in the season. It prepares your lawn for dormancy and early spring green up.


Every year we hear from satisfied customers and about much better their lawns look and feel. That's why we want to offer new customers a little extra added incentive to try our service so they too can see what a difference our environmentally safe lawn care can do for your property.


Read what our customers say:

"My lawn has come a long way. With the careful eye of your people, the lawn is fuller, greener and free of weeds. We get a better quality, more personalized service. GREAT SERVICE!"

Mrs. S.E., Richmond Heights

"You provide 'better than expected service. I appreciate your willingness to help out and solve any problems a customer may have. Thank you."

Mr. Jim Gagnon, Kirtland Hills