Ohio Tree Care

Our trees have in recent years been coming under additional environmental attacks that require ongoing monitoring and preventative measures to keep these valuable landscape elements in great shape.

If you value your ornamental trees and shrubs, you'll want to insure they get the best care and protection possible available in northern Ohio.

Tree Care

Our ornamental tree and shrub program provides active nutrient applications, preventative treatments that will stop dead many insects that can damage tree foliage and fruits.

We also have a variety of treatment options for those trees that have already been infected. We can't promise that we can cure everything, but before you give up on one of your valuable woody plants, give us a call so we can discuss your options.

Tree Care Northeast Ohio


Tree & Shrub Program

Our Ornamental Program builds the health and vigor of your landscape plantings. Like your lawn, healthy landscape plantings become their own best defense against insects, disease, and drought.

Dormant Oil

Applied early in the spring, smothers insect eggs and tiny new insects, preventing most of the damage they'll cause later.

Shrub fertilizer

To produce brilliant flowers and healthy foliage, your shrubs need an abundance of energy. Fertilizer is applied early in spring, providing the boost they need to stay beautiful all season long.

Plant Health Monitoring 

During the season, 3 visits are made to inspect your plant material. Insect or disease problems are identified and may be treated so your plants stay healthy and growing strong.

Deep Root Tree Feeding 

Injected directly into the soil around your valuable ornamental trees late in the fall, this treatment promotes deep rooting, insect/disease/drought resistance, and healthy foliage.  

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