Monitoring Your Tree's Health

Every home landscape is unique, so there is no standard tree care program. Our Tree Care programs do have features in common, however. What we do is monitor your tree and shrub health. This step allows problems to be detected and managed before they become serious. The monitoring may be as simple as checking the trees and shrubs on one of our regularly scheduled visits. We'll check on a few special trees in your landscape, or it may involve more thorough inspections of all your trees and shrubs. The complexity of our tree health program depends on the size and diversity of your landscape as well as your particular landscape goals.

Ornamental trees and shrubs can quickly fail to some problems so routine monitoring and timely treatments are important. With our ornamental tree and shrub program, we can help protect your landscape investment.

A monitoring visit to your landscape might reveal a hidden infestation of tent caterpillars that may soon defoliate an ornamental crab apple. It could also identify other insect problems that have become increasingly devastating in recent years.

Everyone knows that trees and other types of woody plants are valuable assets to a homeowner. Not only do these prize specimens beautify your surroundings, they also help purify our air, act as sound barriers, manufacture oxygen, and save on energy costs through their cooling shade in summer, wind reduction in winter. It pays to protect and treasure them.

Tree and Shrub Care