Dandylion Weed

Our Program to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

Weeds are always a problem for lawns and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Overall there are 3 different types of lawn weeds: broadleaf weeds; grass-like weeds, and grassy-type weeds. Each type requires a different method of control.

Most broadleaf weeds can be controlled anytime during the growing season and we'll treat for them whenever we see them in your lawn. For grass-like weeds we can treat for them in two different ways. First, we can put down an invisible protective barrier on your soil that will stop the grass-like weed seeds from growing and getting a foothold in your lawn. This will stop most of these types of weeds. However, occasionally we might still see a few of these weeds growing later in the season. For those we can spot treat them with a special application.

The grassy weeds are much more difficult to control as they are almost identical to your good grass types found in our lawns. In those situations we may need to do something more involved to treat for them and we'll discuss these situations for a customized proposal of treatment.

Weed Control

Weeds usually are a sign that there's something wrong with your soil or the growing conditions of your lawn. Weeds can be killed, but unless the conditions that allowed them to get a foothold is remedied, they will be back.

Typically, weeds show up when the lawn becomes too thin to form a dense matt that prevents weed seeds from growing and a number of things can cause lawn thinning.

  • Not enough light

  • Compacted soil

  • Wrong grass-type for the area

  • Too much traffic on the area

Those are the most common causes for thinning lawns. We will examine for each of them and make a recommendation on the best way to correct the situation.