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Cultivating Excellence in Lawn Care Through Our Core Values

Since our inception at Ecolawn, we’ve focused on being the
best, not just the biggest. Our commitment to excellence is rooted in our seven core values, guiding us in how we interact with our team, our clients, and every single lawn we care for.

Here’s how these values shape our unique approach to lawn care:

1) We listen

“Your goals are unique, and you’re treated individually.”

Imagine you’re sitting at your computer, typing “lawn care companies near me” into Google. You’re hoping to find a service that understands not just your lawn, but your story. Most companies offer a standard process: a quick email, a brief visit, a generic quote, and often, no follow-up. But at Ecolawn, our approach is different.


First, we dive into your world. What are your successes and frustrations with lawn care in the past? Who enjoys your lawn—is it a neighborhood gem, a football ‘field’ for high school kids, or both? Understanding your journey and how long you plan to enjoy your home helps us tailor our services to you. When a customer mentions brown patches on their lawn, it isn’t just a task for us—it is a chapter in their story that we are eager to improve on by asking insightful questions and actively listening to their needs.

As Beth K., a satisfied member of the Ecolawn community puts it:


Ecolawn will LISTEN to your concerns and work to address them! Don the owner came to my house and spent time addressing my concerns, explaining everything thoroughly to answer my questions. Great customer service and confidence that my lawn will look great.” – Beth K.”


2) We Provide Only the Best Service

“We’ll provide only the best service and do more than is expected.”

Our guiding philosophy is treating each property with the care and precision we would our own, focusing only on essential services. This commitment begins with our well-trained team, who embody commitment, respect, alignment, and teamwork. These principles are vital to how we interact with clients and care for their lawns.


Our lawn care approach reflects this dedication. We view every lawn as a chance to showcase our commitment to both the health of your grass and the respect for your property. Our long-standing participation in the STARS safety training program underscores our commitment to safe and responsible lawn care.


Moreover, we prioritize using the best, environmentally friendly products. All treatments are EPA-approved and carefully applied, ensuring the well-being of your lawn, family, and the environment.


3) We Follow-Through

“Follow through, own our role, and accept responsibility for our actions.”

Promises are only as good as the actions that follow them. At Ecolawn, ‘Follow-Through’ is the cornerstone of our values. It means delivering on commitments, taking ownership of our responsibilities, and accepting the consequences of our actions. Whether it’s a pledge to return your call, provide top-notch services, or meet our obligations, we approach it with utmost sincerity.

This value applies to every aspect of our operations, from our internal team dynamics to our interactions with clients and vendors.


4) We Do the Right Thing

“Do the right thing, every time – even when it’s harder. Slow down to go fast.”

Doing the right thing requires us to take a step back and slow down because excellence is worth the extra effort. A prime example of this is when some of our clients beautify their lawns with seasonal annual flowers. As these vibrant blooms flourish they tend to spill over the edges of their lawns, which require careful attention.


In these moments, our technicians understand the importance of precision and patience. They slow down to ensure that every application and treatment is carried out with meticulous care, safeguarding the delicate annual flowers from any potential harm. This dedication can also look like a technician taking valuable time out of their day to reach that challenging patch of grass hidden behind a shed.


At Ecolawn, doing the right thing is a commitment to providing not just effective lawn care but also preserving the beauty and integrity of your outdoor spaces.


Here’s a real-life example of what ‘doing the right thing’ often looks like. Listen to one of our clients who had a remarkable experience with our landscape technician, Jason:


“Jason is amazing – goes above and beyond every time he is here. He answers and addresses all of our questions/concerns. I don’t know the name of his partner, who cleans up after Jason is finished; however, today, after the huge storm we had the night before, Jason’s partner went out of his way to clean up all of the debris on my patio and driveway. He didn’t just blow off the fertilizer, he made sure all of the mulch, leaves, branches, and everything else that blew around last night, was clear.” – Jeff D.

5) We Pay Attention

“We pay attention to the details.”

While typical lawn care might involve a technician just ticking off tasks on their service worksheet for the day, our approach is different.

For instance, let’s say there’s a grub infestation in your lawn. While addressing this, an ordinary lawn care provider might ‘shut off’ to everything else, focusing narrowly on the infestation. This tunnel vision approach can lead to harm in sensitive areas like your thriving vegetable garden or the cherished play area where your kids spend their afternoons.

Ecolawn’s technicians, however, are trained to see the bigger picture. We understand the importance of these personal spaces and approach our task with heightened awareness and caution. Our treatment for grubs, or any other lawn issue, is done meticulously – ensuring we protect and preserve the areas of your lawn that hold special value to you and your family.


6) We Offer Humble Vulnerability

“Practice humble vulnerability. Sometimes you’re the student, sometimes the teacher.”

Our team is passionately committed to both education and being educated. We believe in the power of knowledge – imparting it to our clients to help them make informed decisions about their lawn care, and equally, being open to learning from each unique situation we encounter.

This two-way educational journey is pivotal to our service. We know that effective lawn care isn’t just about applying treatments; it’s about understanding the unique characteristics of each lawn and the preferences of each homeowner. This exchange of knowledge and experience is what enables us to provide truly customized and empathetic service.


7) We Seek Aligned Values

“We work with clients, team members, and vendors with the same values.”

Working alongside individuals who understand and align with the way we operate and work is a key principle for us. Our core values serve as a guiding path in all our interactions, ensuring a harmonious and productive working relationship with everyone involved. As stated in our value statement: “We work with clients, team members, and vendors with the same values.”


Do Our Values Align? Join the Ecolawn Community!

If you’ve found yourself nodding along and thinking, “This sounds like my kind of lawn care”, we’d love to hear from you.

Reach out to us for a complimentary consultation and join our thriving Ecolawn community!


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