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We know caring for your trees and shrubs enhances the beauty and value of your home.

You can relax knowing your landscape is getting the nutrients and care it needs to thrive.

"My lawn has blossomed with EcoLawn™."

- Archer B, Mentor, OH

Healthy Trees & Shrubs Make the Difference Between a Good Landscape and a Great Landscape.

Here's how we do it.

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"Ecolawn turned my yard from a real embarrassment into the best lawn on the block."

- Carl B

Tree & Shrub Inspection

Give us a call or complete the online form for a FREE initial Tree & Shrub inspection by one of our licensed agronomists.

Protect Your Ornamentals

Our tree & shrub experts know exactly what your ornamentals need to thrive in Northeast, Ohio. Between feeding and insect and mite prevention and treatment, we'll have your landscape beautiful and thriving.

Expert Advice

Throughout the course of your tree & shrub program, you can expect professional advice about pruning, mulching, drainage, and even landscape design ideas to enhance your property.

What's Included in Every Tree & Shrub Care Package

applied by Ohio State licensed agronomists

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Dormant Oil Treatment

Your initial visit of the season includes an application to certain plant material that smothers young insect eggs before they hatch and cause damage to your landscape plants.

Reduce the Need for Pesticides!

Because our dormant oil treatment kills tiny insects before they hatch, it reduces the need to use pesticides on your plants later, keeping your plants safe and thriving.

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Ornamental Shrub Feeding

Feeding your ornamental landscape shrubs with fertilizer stimulates their health and vigor so they bloom brighter and longer throughout the season.

Increasing Aesthetics

Our shrub feeding is applied to the soil in late spring. This allows your landscape to provide brilliant blooms longer through the season. And that increases the aesthetic value of your home.

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Insect Treatment

A series of 3 insect treatments are made to most ornamental
landscape plants and some trees to manage damaging populations of insects like beetles, aphids and lacebugs.

Protect Your Plants Throughout the Season

Multiple insect treatments at strategic intervals help maintain the health and beauty of ornamental landscape plants, protecting them from destructive pests and ensuring a thriving outdoor space.

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Deep Root Feeding

For your ornamental landscape trees, this high-pressure injection is made directly into the feeder root zone. It's applied late in the fall and focuses on root growth.

Trees Need Healthy Roots

Deep root feeding is important for trees as it delivers essential nutrients, water, and oxygen directly to the root system where they are most needed. This can help promote healthy growth, increase resistance to pests and disease, and enhance the overall beauty and value of your property.

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Areas We Service in Northeast Ohio

Ecolawn™ offers comprehensive lawn care services to Northeast Ohio, proudly serving Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, and Lake County.


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Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn starts with healthy soil. Our lawn care programs include organic nutrients to make thick grass while weeds disappear.

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Perimeter Pest Control

You don't want to find pests inside your home. Perimeter pest control keeps ants, spiders, and more outside where they belong.

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Flea & Tick Control

Keep ticks and fleas from jumping on your children and pets. Use our services for a pest-free lawn.

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Liquid Organic Aeration

Get noticeably greener, thicker grass. Deep roots require air and room to grow. Liquid aeration breaks up compact soil. 

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