Your Ultimate Guide to Lawn Maintenance in Ohio

Keep your lawn looking healthy and green all year long with our lawn maintenance tips.

The Best Weed Control Methods for Lawns in Northeast Ohio

Are you struggling to control the weeds in your yard? In this article, we’ll cover: Common lawn weeds in Ohio How to prevent weeds before they start How to eliminate weeds already in your yard When to call a pro to get your yard looking great again. Nothing is more aggravating than a beautiful, lush,…

How Do I Grow a Healthy Lawn in a Shady Area?

Everyone loves a property full of trees, shrubs, and lots of vegetation. After all, plants provide oxygen, help block sound, and provide us with tons of privacy. But how in the world can you grow a healthy lawn with all that shade? I mean, isn’t grass supposed to get a ton of sunlight? The short…

Why Should I Be Concerned About Grubs?

Maybe you’ve heard of, or even seen, Japanese Beetles feeding on your roses. Boy, how frustrating it is to see your prized plants and flowers destroyed by those darned beetles! Basic Grub Information Grubs in Ohio are the offspring of several varieties of beetles. Each spring, beetles are attracted to certain plants around your home…

Lawn Mowing Best Practices

If you’re wondering how to make your grass thicker and fuller, you’ve come to the right place! The experts at Ecolawn have put together a guide for best lawn mowing practices and how to make your lawn so soft, you’ll wiggle your toes in it. Lawn Mowing Tip #1: Don’t Mow Too Much Off! Mow…

The Best Time to Water Grass – Lawn Watering Tips in Northeast Ohio

Your lawn needs about 1-1.5 inch of water each week for optimum growth. Rain doesn’t always fall at the right time, so you may want to supplement your lawn with additional water. It can be hard to tell when the best time to water your grass is, or how much to water your lawn in general. The lawn…

Want Lawn Care Done for you by Ohio's Lawn Experts?

Lawn Care Services You Can Trust

When you give us a call at 440-703-6604 for lawn care needs, we can be at your home in Lyndhurst in no time to get the process started. Our qualified, friendly professionals use science-driven, proven techniques to bring out the true beauty of your lawn. Once you sign up for our comprehensive lawn care program, we will visit your home routinely throughout the year to ensure that your lawn gets the proper care that it needs, ensuring a healthy, beautiful lawn every month of the year! If you call us for lawn care today, we will ber at your home to provide the following services: 

  • Initial lawn inspection and customized treatment plan
  • Seasonal fertilization
  • Weed control - including pesky crabgrass
  • Disease control and prevention
  • And more!

Take Lawn Maintenance Off Your To-Do List

Having a beautiful, healthy lawn is no easy feat. Many homeowners try to handle lawn care on their own, but end up with yards that don't live up to their expectations. WE are locally owned and operated in Eastlake, OH, which means we understand the seasonal struggles your yard goes through and we want to help - one service at a time. With over 45 years of experience and a 4.9 review rating, our team knows exactly what treatments your grass needs and when.

Our highly trained technicians employ the most advanced techniques, using quality products for excellent results. We use fertilizer designed to feed your turf naturally, through its roots, to create strong new growth. We'll create gorgeous grass without all of the hassle. Are you ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy your yard? Take lawn care off your to-do list and let the experts at Ecolawn™ do all of the heavy lifting! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your yard!

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