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Here you will find helpful lawn care tips to keep weeds at bay, grow greener, thicker grass, and create the lawn you've always wanted.

Ecolawn’s Fall Lawn Maintenance Checklist for Northeast Ohio

Whether you love to DIY or hire the pros, with our checklist, you’ll be ready to tackle your fall lawn maintenance in no time. Picture it: It’s been a long summer, and you’ve been enjoying your barbecues and vacations. Your grass has been exposed to the summer elements. As fall approaches, you’ll see increased rainfall…
Liquid Aeration for Lawns

Must Knows about Organic Liquid Aeration for Lawns

We’ve Been Growing Beautiful Lawns in Northeast Ohio since 1977 Our experts at Ecolawn love helping homeowners in Painesville, Wickliffe, and Pepper Pike get beautiful results with Organic Liquid Aeration. Because it’s so effective, it’s the only method of aeration we offer.  Liquid aeration lets more oxygen and nutrients penetrate your lawn at deeper levels…
mowing the lawn on a riding mower

Best Lawn Mowing Tips for Mentor and Northeast, OH

You’ve asked, and we’re delivering, the best lawn mowing tips for Mentor, OH, and Northeast, OH, towns. Lawn mowing might seem simple. But it’s easy to get it wrong and damage all the great work you’ve put into your lawn over the years. You don’t have to work from dawn to dusk to get a…
Mushrooms in lawn

I Have Mushrooms in My Lawn, Now What?

Environmental Factors and Mushroom Growth Several factors influence the growth and appear of mushrooms in your lawn. Moisture, temperature, soil composition, and organic matter content all play a role. Mushrooms tend to thrive in moist conditions, so periods of rainfall or excessive irrigation can trigger their emergence. They can also be from debris buried in…
lawn mowing at the beginning of the season in mentor, OH

Don’s Top Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Tips for Northern Ohio

Lawn mowing might seem simple. But it’s easy to get it wrong and damage all the great work you’ve put into your lawn over the years. You don’t have to work from dawn to dusk to get a beautiful lawn. You just need a few reliable lawn mowing tips! Although we don’t provide mowing and…
grub damage

How to Spot Lawn Grub Damage in Your Lawn and What to Do About It

Lawn grubs can damage your beautiful yard in a season. And I see it all the time in Willoughby, OH, and other northeastern, OH, lawns Maybe you’ve heard of, or even seen, Japanese Beetles (also called June Beetles) feeding on your roses. Boy, how frustrating it is to see your prized plants and flowers destroyed…
Common Ohio Lawn Weeds

The Best Weed Control Methods for Lawns in Northeast Ohio

Are you struggling to control the weeds in your yard? In this article, we’ll cover: Common lawn weeds in Ohio How to prevent weeds before they start How to eliminate weeds already in your yard When to call a pro to get your yard looking great again. Nothing is more aggravating than a beautiful, lush,…
New lawn

What to Expect with a New Lawn

New lawn installation or replacement in Northeast Ohio requires specific care. People often ask for our help when they have a new lawn. Maybe you just moved in, starting from scratch, or your old lawn was tired and it was time to replant. Either way, your new lawn needs special care, and we’re here to…
Pet safe lawn treatments

Are Your Lawn Treatments Safe for My Family and Pets?

Lawn treatments can be a concern when considering the health and safety of your loved ones. We hear a lot of talk about lawn chemicals being unsafe for pets and the environment. The harmful effects of lawn chemicals on our children and pets have been a cause of concern. However, is this just fake news?…
Get beautiful grass that grows in the shade

How to Get Grass that Grows in the Shade

Most of the landscapes we see in Eastlake, Ohio include at least some grass that grows in the shade. After all, everyone loves a property full of trees, shrubs, and lots of vegetation. Plants provide oxygen, block sound, and provide privacy. But how in the world can you grow a healthy lawn with all that…

The Best Time to Water Grass – Lawn Watering Tips in Northeast Ohio

It can be hard to know the best time to water grass, or how much to water your lawn. The lawn care professionals at Ecolawn are here with their best lawn watering tips for Mentor, Ohio and beyond. The best time to water your lawn is early in the day when it’s cool. Early morning…
creeping bentgrass

What is Creeping Bentgrass?

With all the time and effort you’ve put in your yard, creeping bentgrass is frustrating when it comes to your lawn. The good news is that while it may be unsightly during certain times of the year, it’s not likely to ever take over your entire lawn. Additionally, there are ways to keep your Painesville,…

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