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Beyond the Lawn: How Tree and Shrub Care Pays Off

Sometimes it feels like you’re playing whack-a-mole with your landscape. Just when you’ve achieved the perfect lawn, new challenges arise. Yet, as you meticulously tend to your grass, pests invade your shrubs, leaves wilt, branches snap, and debris accumulates, detracting from the beauty you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

While we cherish the lushness of a perfectly manicured lawn, we equally value every element of your outdoor environment. That’s why we offer comprehensive tree, shrub, and pest care services, ensuring that not only is your lawn pristine, but the view from it is too.

Why Tree and Shrub Care is a Priority 

Healthy trees and shrubs do make a world of difference. These landscape elements can even increase your property value, as research has proven. Just as important is the pride and enjoyment thriving trees and shrubbery provide. After all, these features are often the first things visible from the street, and first impressions matter. A scenic environment matters to you, too, driving up to your home, ready to enjoy the weekend after a long work week.

So let’s look at four landscape services that help create that environment on your property (two solutions may be brand new concepts to you).

Strike First Bug Defense

Ecolawn aims to beautify your landscape while protecting your family, pets, and the environment. Fortunately, we can achieve all these goals with our Dormant Oil Treatment.

Dormant oils are highly effective for pest control in Ohio because they stop insects before they get a chance to hatch and spread. Being proactive by smothering the eggs, these eco-friendly oils prevent pest problems that create unhealthy plants. 

While we tailor our services to your unique needs, it’s essential to know the best times to apply dormant oils in Ohio are late winter and early spring. The ideal temperatures for this service fall between 40 and 70 degrees. Waiting too late, after buds turn to blooms, means bugs get the upper hand, and your landscape will suffer.


Shrub Feeding Time

Our state benefits from a climate that allows us to adorn landscapes with a large variety of deciduous and evergreen shrubs. These often include ornamentals such as the Green Giant arborvitae, Autumn Blaze maple, and Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea. With variety comes challenges, though.

Not only does the shrub type matter when deciding the best nutrients to feed them, but the soil also plays a key role. That’s why having an expert lawn service provider who cares about your lawn as much as you do means the world. 

Our team is trained on every variety of shrub, as well as soil properties that affect these plants’ growth. The result? Ecolawn customers report their shrubbery blooms being brighter and lasting longer when they take advantage of our Ornamental Shrub Feeding service. The right fertilizer at the right time removes guesswork through safe practices, consistency, and exact measurements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and magnesium for your unique property. 

Now it’s time to avoid the top pest control mistake.


Ongoing Tactical Insect Control

Everyone knows termites can wreck a home’s structure, but insects like beetles, mites, and aphids can destroy your shrubs and trees. There are many more pests we could add to that list that suck the life out of your favorite plants, eventually killing these once-gorgeous landscape features. 

We can’t stress this enough— it’s crucial to get ahead and stay ahead of insects on a mission to devastate anything green, blooming, and full of life in your landscape. Our Insect Treatment is 100% strategic, making it highly effective in deterring insects early in the growing season and then controlling remaining bugs throughout the year. We utilize a three-phase treatment series for most ornamental shrubs and trees.

“One-and-done solutions” aren’t enough to combat stubborn insects. And the worst part? Homeowners only find this out too late, after an infestation has destructive momentum. 

This next landscaping solution only appears complex.

The Root of the Solution

It’s easy to forget that tree care can be one of the most significant investments in a property. Some studies report trees can increase property values by over five percent. That fact, along with the inherent curb appeal, makes expert Ohio tree care more vital than ever.

No need to worry, even though this may seem like a tall task compared to small ornamental plant care. An innovative system called Deep Root Feeding can ensure you have the most desirable and healthy trees in your neighborhood. We utilize this process because it is the most effective way we’ve discovered for getting essential nutrients, water, and oxygen where trees need it most— the feeder root zone.

Healthy roots result in healthier trees, and it’s easy to see the difference quality tree care makes. Understanding how deep-root feeding promotes growth and fights off disease isn’t hard. All you have to do is consider how good you feel after a few healthy meals compared to not-so-nutritious snacks – that tempt us all! Trees look and feel better when fed properly, and we can deliver those “meals.”

Protect More Than Just Your Lawn with Ecolawn

While it’s natural to focus on maintaining a lush green lawn, it’s easy to overlook the needs of your trees and shrubs amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. We understand that homeowners juggle numerous responsibilities, leaving limited time and energy for comprehensive property care.

That’s why we’re proud to offer solutions! By simply adding our tree and shrub care packages and pest control services to your current lawn care routine, you can ensure comprehensive landscape care that enhances the beauty and health of every aspect of your outdoor space.

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