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My grass looked so much better and thicker too, this year it will only look better.

Mentor, OH

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Create Space Deep in the Soil

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Grow 12 Inch Deep Roots

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Play in Thick Green Grass

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Say goodbye to thin, patchy grass.

Most lawn services use machines to remove plugs of grass each year. This allows the roots in your lawn to grow to about 2 inches deep. Our liquid organic aeration service stimulates root growth to about 12 inches deep. Which makes your lawn visibly thicker and greener than any other lawn in the area.

"Unbelievable! Less than 1 year and no weeds whatsoever!"

- Phillip A, Mentor, OH

Benefits of Liquid Organic Aeration

over mechanical aeration, when applied by Ohio State licensed technicians

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Soil Moisture Retained

When a lawn service mechanically aerates your yard each year, they pull finger-sized plugs out of the lawn. Shallow roots dry out quickly during summer months by comparison.

The Liquid Aeration Difference

With liquid aeration, we apply the organic product to the surface of your lawn. The liquid forces soil particles apart, creating space for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate. So your lawn retains moisture and nutrients more effectively.

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100% Aeration

With mechanical aeration, the removal of plugs physically aerates about 5% of your lawn to about 2 inches in depth. With liquid aeration, we aerate 100% of your lawn to 12 inches in depth.

100% of Your Lawn Needs Nutrients

Instead of aerating 5% of your lawn to 2 inches of depth, liquid aeration works on 100% of your lawn, to a depth of 12 inches! The extra depth allows your lawn's roots to grow deep and access nutrients that are already in the soil.

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Less Competition From Tree Roots

The feeder roots around your trees are 3-4" deep. Organic aerate makes the roots in your grass 12" deep so there's less competition from your trees.

Deep Roots Find What They Need

When grass roots can grow deep, they no longer have to compete with the root systems of trees or other plants in your lawn. That includes weeds! Shallow roots allow crabgrass and weeds to thrive. Deep roots mean thick, healthy grass.

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Reduces Disease, Injury, and Stress

A healthy grass plant is its own best defense against insects, diseases, and weeds.

Liquid Aeration Protects While it Grows

Liquid aeration pushes compacted soil particles apart without physically removing any material from the ground. This method is gentler on the grass and soil, reducing the risk of injury or disease. And best of all, there's no damage to utilities, fencing, or irrigation systems!

Here's How We Grow a Lawn So Soft You'll Want to Wiggle Your Toes in It

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"It's unusual to have someone so particularly interested in the state of your lawn and offering suggestions for improvement."

- Archer B, Chardon, OH

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If you want the most healthy, thickest lawn you've ever had, give us a call. One of our licensed technicians give you a quote to add liquid organic aeration to your lawn care service.

Expert Application

Our organic liquid aeration solution is manually mixed by your lawn technician the day of your lawn service. That means it hasn't been sitting in a warehouse for months.

Beautiful and Healthy Results

Our clients tell us their lawn is the best looking lawn on the block. We guarantee your lawn will be so soft, you'll want to wiggle your toes in it. 

Areas We Service in Northeast Ohio

Ecolawn™ offers comprehensive lawn care services to Northeast Ohio, proudly serving Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, and Lake County.


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Keep ticks and fleas from jumping on your children and pets. Use our services for a pest-free lawn.

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