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What's Included in Every Lawn Care Package

applied by Ohio State licensed technicians

Services - Lawn Care - organic nutrients

Organic Nutrients Included

With 45+ years serving northeast, OH, we include organic nutrients and materials to feed your roots and create healthy soil. We start by learning your goals and experience with your lawn. And we know what works best for our lawns right here in Ohio.

Highly Trained Lawn Technicians

Our goal is to help you have a healthy, green lawn, and our top priority is to keep your family safe. At Ecolawn™, we only use top-quality professional products that have been approved by the EPA, and we apply them with expert precision.

Services - Lawn Care - Grub Control

Guaranteed Grub Protector

Grubs eat lawn roots, causing huge sections of grass to turn brown and die. Our guaranteed grub protector prevents grubs from feeding on your lawn. And you get grub control with every lawn care package.

Why Protect Against Grubs?

Here's what happens when you don't protect against grubs:

  • You see wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, or birds digging up your yard.
  • There are dead patches in your yard.
  • The turf pulls back like loose carpet.
Services - Lawn Care - Weed Management

Spot Weed Treatment

We start early in the season with a combination of weed preventers and control for weeds that are already present. Our recommendations align with your goals. We feed the soil and make your lawn so healthy, weeds can't survive.

Thick grass has fewer weeds!

That's because the lawn's so thick, the weeds don't have room to grow. And the few that pop-up can easily disappear with a weed spot treatment here and there.

Services - Lawn Care - Disease Treatment

Crab Grass Pre-emergent

Save money and time by preventing crab grass before it spreads. Crab grass can make a lawn look patchy, and it chokes the good grass growth out. We apply pre-emergent to prevent crab grass growth before it starts.

Crab grass pre-emergent

Our best lawn care program includes two crab grass pre-emergent treatments. These treatments prevent the growth of this common weed before it starts. With pre-emergent treatment, your grass won't have to compete for nutrients. The good grasses will grow healthy root systems, making the lawn thick and green!

You'll See

Lawn Care Results That Make You Want to Wiggle Your Toes

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We'll Recommend the Option That Meets Your Beautiful Lawn Goals


The preferred green lawn choice for commercial or HOA properties.

  • 5 Balanced Fertilizer Visits
  • 1 Guaranteed Grub Protector
  • Organic Nutrients
  • Selective Weed Control
  • Crab Grass Pre-emergent Treatment
  • Early & Late Summer Surface Insect Treatments
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Take pride and satisfaction in the nicest lawn on the block.

  • 6 Balanced Fertilizer Visits
  • 1 Guaranteed Grub Protector
  • Organic Nutrients
  • Selective Weed Control
  • Early & Late Spring Crab Grass Pre-emergent Treatments
  • Early & Late Summer Surface Insect Treatments
  • Liquid Organic Aeration

    for noticeably thicker, greener results

Premium Plus

A beautiful lawn for families with busy lives.

  • 6 Balanced Fertilizer Visits
  • 1 Guaranteed Grub Protection
  • Organic Nutrients
  • Selective Weed Control
  • Early & Late Spring Crab Grass Pre-emergent Treatments
  • Early & Late Summer Surface Insect Treatments

Liquid Organic Aeration

Gives you noticeably thicker, greener results.


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Areas We Service in Northeast Ohio

Ecolawn™ offers comprehensive lawn care services to Northeast Ohio, proudly serving Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, and Lake County.


Upgrade Your Lawn Care Services

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Liquid Organic Aeration

Get noticeably greener, thicker grass. Deep roots require air and room to grow. Liquid aeration breaks up compact soil. 

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Flea & Tick Control

Keep ticks and fleas from jumping on your children and pets. Use our services for a pest-free lawn.

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Perimeter Pest Control

You don't want to find pests inside your home. Perimeter pest control keeps ants, spiders, and more outside where they belong.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Healthy landscape plantings enhance your property value. Relax knowing your landscape is getting the nutrients and care it needs.

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Receive $50 cash when your friend becomes a customer. 

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