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Ants, Spiders, and Other Pests Don't Belong Inside With Your Family

One Service Call, and Bugs Are Gone the Next Day!

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We'll keep pests outside. You relax and enjoy your comfy home!

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Counters Are Made for Food, Not Pests

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Pesticides Don't Belong Inside

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You Deserve a House That Feels Like Home

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Protect Your Family and Your Home From Pests

Our expert technicians treat your home like their own, working to protect your family from pests. We're here to help you maintain the health and safety of your family, while enjoying the comfort of your home. The Ecolawn™ team uses plant-based, EPA-registered formulas that knockdown and repel pests immediately without risking the health of your family and pets.

"We used to have ants. Now we have no more bugs! Plus, I love the service."

- Debbie C, Mentor, OH

What Pests Does Perimeter Pest Control Prevent?

Indoor pests gone in a day.

If you're tired of do-it-yourself methods that have cinnamon all over your counters or a house that smells like vinegar, make one call and bugs are gone!

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"Bugs, I don't even see them anymore. Whatever you do must be working."

- Carl B, Mentor, OH

Schedule a Service

As soon as you see ants or spiders in your house, give us a call. If you see one, they'll bring their friends soon. Better yet? Let us prevent pest entry before it happens.

We Spray Outside

Our Ecolawn™ team notices even the smallest places where pests might be entering your home. We spray an environmentally friendly liquid, 2 ft up the foundation on the OUTSIDE of your home. That means we never have to come in! And neither do pesticides. Read about our full perimeter pest process here.

Bugs Are Gone

We visit your home every 5 - 6 weeks to keep the pests away all season long. But the best part about our perimeter pest control service is you get results within a day! No more bugs on the counters and windows. No more diseases they carry. Just a house that feels like home.

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What's Included in Every Perimeter Pest Control Package

applied by Ohio State licensed technicians

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Entry Point Inspection

On our first call, Ecolawn™ trained technicians carefully inspect your home to determine entry points, areas of high pest activity, and conditions that favor pest problems.

Highly Trained Pest Control Technicians

Our perimeter pest control service targets your home's most pest-vulnerable areas. We find where pests are getting inside your home. And we keep them out!

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Five Visit Barrier Program

We'll treat your house every 5 - 7 weeks, at the same time we take care of your lawn. Continued treatment creates an invisible barrier outside your home to keep pests from getting in.

Can I just get Pest Control?

Our perimeter pest control service is an add-on to our lawn care service. To keep pests outside where they belong, view our lawn care packages here.

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Environmentally Friendly Treatment

Our first priority is the health and safety of your family and pets. We use a plant-based liquid application. And we spray it 2 feet up the foundation and 3 feet away from your house.

We follow EPA guidelines

We focus our products on cracks, utility entry points, under decks, and around patios to create an invisible barrier that pests can't cross. Once dry, this product poses no threat to your children, pets, or other wildlife.

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Ongoing Monitoring & Advice

Because we see you every 5 - 7 weeks, we can monitor any ongoing pest activity. And if we see any points on your home that need repairs, we'll let you know.

We're Your Pest Prevention Partners

We know what creates the right environment for pests to thrive. We'll point out ways you too can prevent pests from coming inside.

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Areas We Service in Northeast Ohio

Ecolawn™ offers comprehensive lawn care services to Northeast Ohio, proudly serving Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, and Lake County.


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Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn starts with healthy soil. Our lawn care programs include organic nutrients to make thick grass while you watch weeds disappear.

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Liquid Organic Aeration

Get noticeably greener, thicker grass. Deep roots require air and room to grow. Liquid aeration breaks up compact soil. 

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Flea & Tick Control

Keep ticks and fleas from jumping on your children and pets. Use our services for a pest-free lawn.

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Tree & Shrub Care

Healthy landscape plantings enhance your property value. Relax knowing your landscape is getting the nutrients and care it needs.

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