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There’s Mushrooms in My Lawn, Now What?

Mushrooms in lawn

Environmental Factors and Mushroom Growth

Several factors influence the growth and appearance of mushrooms in your lawn. Moisture, temperature, soil composition, and organic matter content all play a role. Mushrooms tend to thrive in moist conditions, so periods of rainfall or excessive irrigation can trigger their emergence. They can also be from construction debris buried in the soil as it deteriorates but is often found where a tree used to be as the remains of its roots decay.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn with Mushrooms

Rather than considering mushrooms in your lawn as a problem, it’s better to view them as indicators of a thriving ecosystem. To maintain a healthy lawn, focus on providing optimal growing conditions for grass, including regular watering and proper mowing while we feed the lawn with appropriate nutrients.

What’s the Treatment for Mushrooms?

While there’s no chemical control for them, the best method of control is to use gloves and remove them by hand and throw them away. Kicking them over or using a rake are the easiest options. While the majority of mushrooms in lawns are harmless, keeping your pets and children away from them is always a good rule of thumb.

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