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The Best Weed Control Methods for Lawns in Northeast Ohio

Are you struggling to control the weeds in your yard? In this article, we’ll cover:

Nothing is more aggravating than a beautiful, lush, green lawn with unsightly weeds poking through. Just the sight of them makes most of us cringe. Not just an eyesore, these lawn-invading thieves steal vital nutrients, oxygen, and water from your grass.

And regardless of how well you maintain your lawn, summer weeds are sneaky. Seeds can hitch rides in the wind or on birds who unknowingly pass them along.

There are a few things you can do to improve your lawn’s weed control. First, let’s start with identifying the most common weeds we find ourselves faced with in Ohio.

Common Lawn Weeds Around Mentor, Ohio

  • Crabgrass + Dandelion
  • Wild Violets
  • Thistle
  • Knotweed
  • Spurge
  • White Clover
  • Nutsedge

How to Prevent Weeds

Our best recommendations to prevent weeds before they become a problem.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

The best way to fight weeds is to make it hard for them to grow in the first place. Good mowing and watering practices are really helpful! Some weeds can ONLY be controlled by prevention, while others must be treated after they show up.

A lawn maintenance program that includes proper nourishment will help keep your grass durable and strong. A strong, healthy lawn resists weeds naturally. Healthy turf also protects against lawn disease and pests.

The Right Grass Height

Homeowners in Mentor, OH, often want to mow shorter to get more time between mowings. However, mowing it higher will shade the soil, keeping your lawn stronger and better able to prevent weeds from poking through. The best mowing height for Ohio Cool-season lawns is approximately 4 inches. Mow your lawn often enough that you aren’t leaving visible clippings.

Grass Cutting Height Chart - Mowing Height Chart

Grass Cutting Height Chart

Proper Watering

Generally, cool-season turf needs approximately one inch of water per week during the summer. Short, frequent watering can cause shallow root systems. Shallow roots are bad because they help weeds such as spurge, violet, and crabgrass to sprout.

Water less frequently for longer periods. Allow the moisture to reach deeper into your soil. This will strengthen your root system and create stronger roots. Lawns with strong root systems are better equipped to fight off weeds.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergents are tools that prevent weeds from growing. These solutions create a barrier in the soil that the weed can’t break through.

If you live in the Mentor, OH area, we don’t suggest seeding when a pre-emergent has been applied. When that barrier is broken, the weed seed will grow right in. Instead, seed at a time when weeds aren’t as likely to grow, like early fall.

Using the right type of pre-emergent at precisely the right time can be tricky, so we recommend using a professional. Ecolawn offers pre-emergent treatments, including an application specifically designed for that hard-to-control crabgrass.

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How to Eliminate Weeds

All this is great, but what if it’s too late and bothersome weeds have already taken over your lawn? Sometimes we get busy, and life gets in the way. When this happens, we still have a few options.


Post-emergent herbicides weaken weeds and let your grass take over. If you already have weeds, this is our top recommendation to get them under control.

Read labels carefully when buying herbicides. Look for the right herbicide for your grass and the weeds you have. Read directions carefully. Improper selection or use of herbicides can cause dead patches in your lawn, so always proceed with caution.

Professional lawn care is a great way to take the guesswork out of applying post-emergents. Call Ecolawn today at 440-953-9100, or contact us here and find out how we can help you.

Hand Pulling

Pulling weeds by hand can be a viable option if you have the time, physical resources and determination. The key is to pull them as soon as they begin emerging. Pull these types of weeds before they produce seed heads to prevent a second showing:

  • annual sedge
  • chickweed
  • crab grass
  • knotweed
  • Japanese clover
  • lamb’s quarters
  • carpetweed

Fine Gardening Magazine has some more great tips for old-fashioned weed pulling. 

Homemade Weed Killers

Recipes for do-it-yourself-weed control are plentiful, and they can and do kill weeds.  The challenge: You’ll have to make A LOT of it.  Homemade weed killers usually require several applications before yielding results. While this solution may seem like a money-saver at first, you could spend more than planned in order to get results.

Because this method is very slow, it’s hard to get ahead of new weeds popping up. If you decide to try a homemade herbicide, be sure to limit the spray to the weeds themselves. Overspray could deplete the soil in your spray zone and make it difficult to grow other plants nearby.

When to Call the Pros

There are many reasons why homeowners opt for professional lawn care. Our clients find that investing in regular, expert lawn care saves them both time and money in the long run.

Many homeowners don’t have the time or physical resources. Or they’re unsure about what products or application methods to use. Other homeowners need help getting things back on track, and we’re more than happy to help in all of them! Here are some of the top reasons you can feel good about going with the pros:

  • We use EPA approved, high quality products that outperform common retail weed and feed products.
  • Don’t waste money on multiple trips to the hardware store for weed killers and fertilizers.
  • Avoid expensive mistakes on products that don’t work or could actually harm your lawn. 
  • Spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time working on it.
  • Avoid expenses for equipment like spreaders and sprayers, and free up space in your garage or shed.

At Ecolawn, we’ve been caring for lawns in Northeast Ohio for over 45 years.  Lets get your lawn looking beautiful and keep it that way so you’ll never have to worry about weeds again! 

Give us a call at 440-953-9100 or schedule a free estimate, and let’s get started!


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