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The Best Time to Water Grass – Lawn Watering Tips in Northeast Ohio

Your lawn needs about 1-1.5 inch of water each week for optimum growth. Rain doesn’t always fall at the right time, so you may want to supplement your lawn with additional water. It can be hard to tell when the best time to water your grass is, or how much to water your lawn in general. The lawn care professionals at Ecolawn are here with their best lawn watering tips for the Northeast Ohio area.

The Best Time to Water Your Grass

The best time to water your lawn is early in the day when it’s cool. Early morning grass watering reduces the amount of evaporation that takes place, allowing more water to reach the root zone.

Make sure to avoid afternoon watering because it evaporates in the heat. It’s also not best to water grass at night because it can cause extensive fungal lawn diseases, such as dollar spot, brown patch, and others.

How Much to Water Your Lawn

In general, your lawn needs about 1-1.5 inches of water per week to stay green and growing. When it’s hot, you need to water your lawn more. Many factors, such as the soil and weather, influence how much water it needs.

Avoid Overwatering

Use a rain gauge to measure how much water you’re applying. Overwatering makes plants prone to pests and adds to storm water runoff. By choosing and operating a watering system correctly, you can reduce water bills, insect and disease problems, and maintenance requirements.

Spread the Water Uniformly Across the Lawn

Sprinklers vary in distribution patterns and require spray overlap for uniform coverage. Placing coffee cans or similar straight-sided containers on the lawn can help measure water application rates. Avoid flooding areas, or missing other spots. On heavy soils and slopes, watch for excessive runoff; it may be necessary to apply the water in several applications to allow for adequate penetration.

Water Conservation

To help conserve water, mow your lawn at a 4″ or the tallest setting, limit traffic over the lawn, improve turf rooting, and control thatch and soil compaction. Don’t allow water to hit the driveway or into the street.

How Often to Water Grass

Deep, infrequent watering is best. 20 minutes every other day is a good rule of thumb. Adjust as needed based on conditions.

Monitor Rainfall

Don’t water the lawn if rain is expected soon. Keep track of rainfall for the week. Don’t apply more water to the lawn than what it needs.

Looking for more tips on how to maximize the results of your lawn care with your best watering practices? Ecolawn has been providing lawn care in the Northeast Ohio area for over 40 years, and our technicians are always happy to help.


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