Unlocking the Benefits of Liquid Organic Aeration for Ohio Lawns

Just like us, grass can suffer from health issues too. While it may not catch the cold or the flu, it can experience problems like soil compaction, oxygen depletion, and nutrient loss. When your lawn is up against these challenges, it can be the equivalent of having a stuffy nose during allergy season – yes,…

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Ecolawn’s Fall Lawn Maintenance Checklist for Northeast Ohio

Whether you love to DIY or hire the pros, with our checklist, you’ll be ready to tackle your fall lawn maintenance in no time. Picture it: It’s been a long summer, and you’ve been enjoying your barbecues and vacations. Your grass has been exposed to the summer elements. As fall approaches, you’ll see increased rainfall…

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How to Get Grass that Grows in the Shade

Get beautiful grass that grows in the shade

Most of the landscapes we see in Eastlake, Ohio include at least some grass that grows in the shade. After all, everyone loves a property full of trees, shrubs, and lots of vegetation. Plants provide oxygen, block sound, and provide privacy. But how in the world can you grow a healthy lawn with all that…

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